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8 Worldwide Locations.

Montreal, Canada | New York, USA | Los Angeles, USA | Miami Florida, USA | Paris, France | Falkenstein, Germany | Amsterdam, Netherlands | Bristol, United Kingdom

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Secure, Reliable Data-Centers

We guarantee the security, redundancy, and reliability of all our partner data centers.


All data-centers require advanced biometrics and multiple check-points in order to gain access to the servers, not even Herobrine would be able to get in! They are all manned and secured around the clock, 365 days a year.

This includes the usage of High efficiency UPS systems and a design PUE of 1.7.


Our partner data centers are outfitted with numerous backup batteries and generators to tackle any faults. Furthermore, they incorporate cutting-edge fire and water disaster prevention measures, encompassing dual water and energy sources, dual interlock dry-pipe sprinkler systems, N+1 dry cooler systems and CRAHs, along with 2N glycol pumps.

DDoS Protection

Every server we offer includes complimentary advanced DDoS protection, providing you with peace of mind. Our partners feature top-notch protection, boasting a global attack filtering capacity exceeding 17 Tbit/s.

Reliable backbone network

Our network of partners is among the finest globally, boasting a staggering 100 Tbps of global network capacity and 44 redundant Points of Presence (PoPs) across the world.


Our world in mind.

We always strike to partner with Data-centers that have sustainability and the environment in-mind where we can.

Sustainable Power

The data-center partners in Europe harness Wind and Hydropower to predominantly power their servers. Additionally, they emphasize the adoption of energy-efficient hardware and cooling methods to reduce overall energy consumption, carbon footprint, and water usage.

Component Recycle & e-Waste

Our data centers partners prioritize the use of refurbished or repaired parts whenever possible, rather than opting for new ones. This significantly contributes to reducing our impact on the growing e-waste problem.


Our data-center partners consistently invest in innovative methods to enhance energy efficiency, cooling, and water usage while maintaining the same high standards of reliability and security.