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Our Partners

PiglinHost is proud to have partnerships with talented content creators worldwide. Explore the list of creators who choose PiglinHost below.


Your lo-fi comfort streamer, personal pianist, mental health advocate.


Just your friendly devil having fun with an unhinged chat playing unhinged games.

Married in Minecraft

MAJ Madden and Badrabbit Stream Minecraft hijinks on Twitch and YouTube videos


I'm a Gamer Dad that just enjoys playing video games when I'm not working or with the Family.


Hi, i’m a Saudi diversity streamer, I can be chaotic at times and always up for a good laugh!


Hi I'm SpiderWicket, or you can call me Spider!


Hey! I'm To Be Continued, or Marshall. I am a Bri'ish Pokemon The Card Game Online Streamer.


Streamer and Gamer sharing what he loves with the community.


Games, Laughs and Community. Kinetic Games Partner


hi, my name is yoonah, i talk a lot. i'm korean-american. though my heart is in atlanta.

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Queer streamer from Finland Variety of games and good vibes.


Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Feel free to contact us via our Discord server or create a Support Ticket.

Channels of any size are invited to apply for partnership with us. It's important to be aware that if you are launching a new community or channel, we won't be able to provide any discounts on our services.

Absolutely! We encourage all content creators and communities to apply, as long as you meet the eligibility criteria outlined in the preceding FAQ.

We do not provide complimentary services to new partners. However, we are pleased to extend a substantial recurring discount on our services to our partners. We also consider the potential for complimentary services in the future as you continue to grow with us.

Every partner is entitled to receive a personalized affiliate promotion code and URL. If you meet the eligibility criteria outlined in FAQ 1, you will also qualify for a substantial recurring discount on our services. While we do not mandate partners to include advertisements in their bios, it is always appreciated if they choose to do so. Partners who actively promote us and have been with us for a minimum of 3 months will be eligible for a Partner role in our Discord server and will be featured on our Partners page on the website. Additionally, partners are eligible to receive complimentary PiglinHost merchandise and goodies that we distribute.

Please make sure you have read the above questions and understood them clearly. If you are happy and ready to apply, please click here to apply. Please include links to your channels, as well as why your interested in becoming a PiglinHost Partner and what you are looking for! The more details, the better! We will reply to all requests within 48 hours.